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“Our Speciality” – Sash Timber Windows

For custom-made timber windows, Melbourne locals know they can trust the craftsmen at Skilled & Reliable. Double-hung sash timber windows are our specialty. We can handcraft any period style, no matter how intricate. We can also custom-design any style of box sash windows to suit your individual tastes or needs.

Traditional, double-hung, sash timber windows offer great ventilation and functionality by allowing you to direct fresh air through either the top or bottom windows. Opening both together helps cool air enter through the bottom space while hotter vents through the top opening. Sash windows suit both contemporary and traditional homes. They can be custom made to any width or height and are available in traditional box frame construction utilising conventional weights and cords or spiral or counter balances.

Wooden Timber Windows Melbourne

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Awning Timber Windows

Awning style timber windows are hinged at the top and swing open from the bottom. They allow for great ventilation whilst keeping out the rain and other elements. Skilled & Reliable awning timber windows are installed with full seals to prevent drafts and moisture penetration when closed. They are available with a wide choice of premium quality fittings, including the option to incorporate an insect screen into the window frame.

Sliding Timber Windows – Melbourne

Sliding timber windows offer a great alternative in certain situations. We have designed our sliding timber windows to overcome many of the shortcomings of cheaper products on the market. Our windows slide effortlessly along a tracking system designed with very few moving parts. This provides a smooth opening and closing action and requires very little maintenance. Skilled & Reliable sliding timber windows are installed fully sealed to prevent drafts and moisture penetration when closed. They can also be designed to accommodate a unique integrated insect screen that disappears when not in use.

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Bi-fold Timber Windows – Melbourne

Bi-fold timber windows create an openness in your home or commercial property by folding back to combine your indoor and outdoor areas into one open space. They are particularly handy in kitchens where you require open access to outdoor patios and entertaining areas. Our bi-fold windows can be designed to accommodate an integrated insect screen that disappears when not in use.

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Louvre Timber Windows

Since first becoming popular in the 1940s, louvre timber windows have changed significantly and now have key features for maximum performance in today’s conditions. Skilled & Reliable’s louvre windows are designed to maximise ventilation without interference. Improved security options include integrated key locks, security bar systems or easily fitted security or insect screens.

At Skilled & Reliable we only use premium quality Breezway Louvres to create our windows as they seal 60% tighter than the standard required for residential buildings.

Each louvre window is made to order allowing complete customisation of colours, clips, handles and locks.

The end result are stylish, versatile, energy efficient and totally customisable timber louvre windows you will love.

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timber door window period style
timber door window period style
timber door window period style
timber door window period style

Window Styles – Wooden Windows Melbourne

Traditional period designs are what makes the sash window whether they are Victoria, Edwardian, Californian or Art Deco styles. We take great pride in the finished sash in delivering your choice of period to suit your needs.