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French Timber Doors

French doors, or French windows as they are sometimes called, add elegance and light to any room because the door is made up of panels of glass. Normally installed in pairs, they are popular in loungerooms and dining rooms or anywhere where you want outside light to enter the room. French doors are increasingly being used to connect outdoor and indoor living, dining and entertaining spaces in situations where these spaces connect to a deck, patio, alfresco dining area or even outdoor BBQ area. They are also popular in bedrooms that open onto private balconies. French doors were popular in France in the 17th century because they let more light into houses that, in the days before electricity, were often dark and dingy.

At Skilled & Reliable we hand-craft our French Doors & Windows, with great attention to detail to ensure that you have a stylish and elegant solution to any room where you install them. If your home originally had French Doors & Windows that need replacing, we can precision craft an identical product to what was originally installed with all the same qualities of design and manufacture to the point where no one would believe they were not the true originals.

Edwardian French Timber Doors