Skilled + reliable traditional handcrafted timber joinery

Custom Made Doors

  • Contemporary timber doors
  • Period reproduction timber doors
  • Ornate timber doors & windows (Internal/External)
  • High detail entry timber doors
  • Decorative and period style fly-screen doors
  • Bi-Fold timber doors
  • Sliding timber door & window systems

Skilled + Reliable professional timber joinery is well respected, architecturally favoured joinery and our focus is on delivering a quality product and service

Custom Made Doors

Timber Entrance Impressions

At Skilled + Reliable, we believe that the front door is an integral part of the home. It is the first impression of your home and therefore essentially reflects your character and style. A contemporary home or apartment may suit a sleek, modern door, while a traditional, rustic design is better suited on an Edwardian period style property. Whatever entry door you’re looking for or whatever size, we have you covered with cost-effective solutions.

We don’t just individualize your door. in many cases, the entry is not just a single door but part of an entry assemble, for example door & entry frame sidelights. We very much specialize in creating door and entry units which complement each other and ultimately enhance the facade of your home.

Timber Entrance Impressions

French Timber Doors

French doors are sometimes referred to as French windows as the door is made up of panels of glass, allowing more natural light to flow through the house.  French doors create the effect for outdoor and indoor spaces to feel more connected.

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Sliding Timber Doors

The Skilled + Reliable sliding timber door has been designed to provide superior space saving functionality while enjoying unobstructed views and showcasing the beauty of natural timber.

Available in a wide range of door combinations to suit various applications and your individual and specific requirements.

We can manufacture our sliding doors to suit a wide range of glazing options including Double Glazing and Low E Glass for energy Efficiency.

Skilled + Reliable sliding timber doors can also be configured to any type of colonial or federation glazing bars.

  • As with all our windows and doors, Skilled + Reliable uses solid timber sections – no finger joins or veneers, this provides increased structural strength and stability with uncompromising beauty.
  • Skilled and Reliable uses heavy duty adjustable top hung rollers for all our doors.  These are ideal for double glazed doors allowing ease of operation and years of reliable service.
  • We fit superior weather seals to internal frame rebates/ stops, this helps prevent air and water filtration.
  • Our sliding doors are assembled with scribed and tenoned joints using superior external weather resistant glue.  This allows corrosion resistance and water tight joints resulting in a longer lasting door unit.
Sliding Timber Doors

Tag Along-Stacking Timber Doors

Tag along-stacking patio timber door allows you to invite nature inside, adding an extra dimension to your living area.

The tag along-stacking patio timber door has been designed to offer you space saving versatility, while enjoying unobstructed views and years of reliable service. To provide an even wider opening the tag along-stacking timber door allows two doors to slide across to stack on a third fixed door.

A choice of either two, three, four or six door combination ensures suitability for any variety of design applications. Our unique double deadlocking system incorporating a removable key snib provides you with the confidence of improved home security, while an anti-slam device will help protect your door.

An ideal way to have easy access to the garden, terrace, patio or covered relaxation area, with clever and practical design.

Standard features
  • Dual weather seals
  • Hardwood sill provides long lasting wear resistance
  • Large diameter heavy duty nylon rollers
  • A range of glazing options
  • Federation or Colonial glazing bars
  • A family of colour matched hardware
  • A variety of door style configurations
  • Corner entry tag along-stacking doors also available
Tag Along-Stacking Timber Doors

Bi-folding Timber Doors

The Skilled + Reliable bi-fold patio timber door makes a statement of both quality and elegance.

Showcasing not only the warmth and beauty of this natural timber, but also its performance and stability, the bi-fold timber door will be a focal point of your home.

While closed, the bi-fold timber door allows an abundance of natural light into your home with easy accessibility through a single operating door. And when all the doors are open and folded away, the outside comes inside, providing fresh air and ventilation inside your home, and a clear unobstructed view.

A unique Skilled + Reliable feature is the dual bogey roller system which creates a smooth and effortless operation, guaranteed to provide years of reliable service. 

For total creative expression our bi-folding timber doors are unsurpassed. Select a door style from our timber door range to match or complement the architecture of your home.

Standard features
  • Concealed two point latch and locking system
  • Hidden tenoned joints for maximum strength and rigidity
  • Hardwood sill provides long lasting wear resistance
  • Foam wrapped PVC compression seals between doors and frame
  • Top hung dual bogie rollers
  • A range of glazing options
  • Federation or Colonial glazing bars
  • A family of colour matched hardware
  • A variety of door style configurations
  • Corner entry bi-fold doors also available
Bi-folding Timber Doors